Tootsie roll recipe ideas

Today we are going to share the Tootsie Roll Recipe ideas. Tootsie roll is the fav dessert of children, and the most exciting part is that it is relatively easy to make.



Today I will make these recipe recipes easy for you. I will share two recipes , how to prepare Tootsie Roll Recipes, both will be mouthy watering, but one will have more healthy ingredients.So let’s start the recipe.

Ingredients used for Tootsie roll recipe ideas:

Unsweetened cocoa powder ½ cup
Butter( melted) 1/2 cup
Corn syrup ( light preferred) ½ cup
Granulated sugar 2 cups
Milk powder ¾ cup
Vanilla essence 2_3 drops

How to prepare Tootsie roll recipe:

How to prepare Tootsie roll recipe:

Transfer melted butter into a basin. Add the vanilla essence and chocolate powder now, and well combine. Now add corn syrup in it and mix it with a spatula.
Now add sugar in the form of granules, put it in the mixture, and try to put it in batches. When sugar is mixed, add milk powder gradually in 3 sets.
While adding milk powder, you will notice that the mixture will start converting into dough with every set. And gradually, the dough will become stern but calm; you must keep kneading, dear ladies. Almost after five minutes, you will notice that everything is mixed uniformly and will be in the form of stiff hard shinning dough.
Now make a long roll of every detail with the help of your hands and then cut them into 3 inches rolls with a knife or a cutter.
Now it’s your choice to roll them in butter paper like candy or to put them in a tray. I suggest freezing them for some time before eating. Trust me; Children will love it.
And one thing more is that these yummy rolls can also be stored in the fridge, and you can give them to your kids as a sweet lunch.

Recipe No 2 (Tootsie Roll Recipe)

Now here is another recipe by which you can make these tasty rolls. Tootsie rolls are a delightful dessert and can be included in instant desserts too. I like this method more. This one contains healthy ingredients.
. You can try any of them; both taste amazing, but this recipe’s ingredients justify its incredible taste.
So let’s finish the curiosity about the ingredients and start the recipe.

Ingredients used for Tootsie roll recipe:

Dark chocolate 250 grams
Milk chocolate 250 grams
Honey 1 cup
Vanilla essence or orange? Which one do you like, 2_3 drops
Pinch of salt for taste
Butter 4_6 tablespoons
Corn syrup ½ cup
Wax papers
Milk powder ½ cup

Tootsie Roll Recipe ideas:
Tootsie Roll Recipe ideas:

First of all, I will tell you how to cut the chocolate. Let me suggest you one thing today, missing matters a lot.
Take the chocolate bar a tilt it to a side. Now take a knife and start cutting from the corners in small portions. Try to apply force on the blade with hand palm. It will help you to cut the chocolate bar with ease so that you can cut the desired and accurate amount of chocolate.
So by using this technique, cut dark chocolate and milk chocolate and mix them.
Now melt them by directly putting them in the microwave or double boiler. Once it is melted, set it aside.
Now take another bowl and put honey in it. A plus point of this recipe is we are substituting sugar with honey. Sugar has a lot of disadvantages according to health, and all parents are very conscious of it. So here we are replacing sugar with a natural sweetener that is honey which has a lot of health benefits, and one more thing. Dark chocolate also has many health benefits too.
So let’s come back to the recipe. Add some drops of vanilla essence, followed by mixing butter. Now which the whole material with a beater or hand mixer. Now add the melted chocolate to the mixture.



Then add corn syrup and milk powder in batches, which will become the form of dough.
Now freeze for some time and make small portions of it.
Make a long roll of each piece and cut them into small tootsie rolls.
Now it’s time to wrap them in wax or butter paper. You can dress and twist them as toffee and store them for almost 20_30 days.
Another reason for liking Tootsie roll recipe more is that mothers of toddlers mostly like it, as they crave sweets a lot, and too much sugar can affect their health and cause cavities too. As this recipe has honey, it will not be harmful to them.

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