Biscoff cookie recipe ideas

All of us know that lotus biscoff is everyone’s favorite. No one can deny this flavor even if they are on a diet too.

Today’s recipe is about Bischoff flavor cookies, and let me give an introductory glimpse of Biscoff cookie recipe. Cookies are very different from biscuits; they are softer, thick, and crunchy compared to biscuits, and as today’s Biscoff cookie recipe is about lotus flavor cookies, they will be mouth-watering.
So let’s start by mentioning the ingredients first



Ingredients used for Biscoff cookie recipe:

Lotus biscoff spread 10_12 small scoops
Butter 125g or half cup
Brown sugar 100g or small measuring cup
Caster sugar 80g
Flour 200g
Baking powder 1.5 teaspoons ( not tablespoon)
Salt a pinch to enhance the taste
Ground cinnamon powder one teaspoon (optional)
Egg 1 large

How to prepare Biscoff cookie recipe:

How to prepare Biscoff cookie recipe:

First, we need to ensure that the lotus biscoff spread is chilled so that we can make small scoops of balls of it. After you have extracted 10_12 small scoops balls of spread in a tray with butter paper on it, put them in the freezer for an hour so that they become stiff, and this is the proper way of using a spread or mousse as a filling.
During this duration, you can prepare the dough for the cookies. First of all, sieve all the dry ingredients. Take a wide filter and put the flour, baking powder, and cinnamon powder of the measurements mentioned above in the filter and sieve them so that there are no lumps of any small stone type thing. By sieving, ingredients mix very well.
The next step is to take butter in a bowl and whisk it ( you can use a beater too). Again, whisk with a hand whisker for 2_3 minutes until all the ingredients mix properly.
Beat the butter quickly until it changes color, then add brown and caster sugar. After this step, add one egg, mix all the sieved dry ingredients properly, and integrate them into the prepared batter. Add the dry ingredients in patches and combine with the cut-and-fold method using a silicon spatula. When you add everything together, they might become crumbs, so don’t worry; stop mixing with a spatula at that stage and use your hands to knead the dough. Then add one or two tablespoons if your mixture needs to be repaired. Then knead the dough with your hand until it becomes stable in texture.
Now make medium size balls of this dough, flatten them, and put one ball of that lotus spread in the refrigerator in the middle and again mold it into a ball. Biscoff cookie recipe holds measurements for almost 12 cookies, so you must make nearly 12 balls according to the same tip I mentioned above. Once you are done with making these stuffed balls, put them in a large tray and refrigerate for at least one or two hours before baking.

Guidelines And Tips for Biscoff cookie recipe:

Guidelines And Tips for Biscoff cookie recipe:

Tip number one is that it is mandatory to freeze the stuffed balls for some time as it makes the dough stiff to make soft thick cookies with a crunchy top. Otherwise, the cookies will become flat after baking the cookies; let them cool down properly on the kitchen slab and serve them with tea or ice-cream balls. The reason is that by chilling, the dough becomes stiff, and when baked, it becomes soft and thick; if you bake directly, the dough will melt out, and the cookies will become flat and not come out crunchy and dense. So refrigerating is a crucial part.



Tip number 2 is that even in the oven, after 15 minutes, we fill that cookies are still soft in the middle area or they are jiggling, so we think that they are not appropriately baked and we become worried about it, so guys relax there is nothing to worry about take them out at the right time and let them cool. The filling is where you feel the dough jiggling, and the cookies also undergo the process of baking while cooling down, so they will become perfect after that.
Tip no three is that after cookies are baked, sometimes they are not exactly round, and people complain about it. What should we do? So relax, girls; take a round cutter bigger than cookies, then put it around the hot cookies and move it in a circular motion. The tip here is that you must do it right after taking the tray out of the oven, as they can only be shaped when hot. So here are your round yummy cookies stuffed with lotus biscoff filling.

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