Durgin Park Indian Pudding Recipe

You will be amazed to hear the name of this Durgin park Indian pudding recipe as to how it is possible that people of America love Indian food.



Yes, this is likely because this is so great that Americans and everyone on the earth will surely love it. An interesting fact about this Durgin park Indian pudding recipe is that a hundred years have passed, but still, the formula is the same and is made with that amount of love and patience that you will ultimately utter yummy after one bite.
It is very slowly cooked with essential ingredients and served with ice cream, making it heavenly.
Durgin Park is a restaurant in the United States and is majorly recognized because of this ancient recipe they make with the same formula and with extreme love and patience.
This dessert is so good that people usually call it their comfort food. It is a mix of essential Ingredients like cornmeal, butter, sugar, baking soda, molasses, and eggs. Now, there is a question of whether ingredients are crucial and the secret of their being so tasty because of how they are made and their method. Patience yields reward. That’s what Durgin Park Indian pudding is.
Most people lose the courage to make it because it takes a lot of time, almost 8_9 hours, and this is a long time to wait, but it’s worth enough to stay. This restaurant is unique in that its chefs are patient in cooking, and they make this dish a day of serving, and you get this dessert within minutes.
So, let’s reveal the recipe.

Ingredients used for Durgin park Indian pudding recipe:

Milk 4 cups
Dark molasses ¾ cup
Sugar 1/3 cup
Butter 5- 6 tablespoons
Salt a pinch
Baking soda 1/6 tablespoon
Yellow grounded cornmeal ¾ cup Eggs 2 large

Instructions for Durgin Park Indian pudding recipe:

Instructions for Durgin Park Indian pudding recipe:

At first, we have to set it at 450F and let it heat for 10 minutes.
During this duration, we will prepare the mixture. Take a stone crockery or any baking pan of your choice. The stone crock is preferred more. Now, grease the whole pan with butter properly. You must take more butter for greasing than the one we measured for the mixture.
Now, take two eggs and beat them well. Mix milk, cornmeal, butter, sugar, salt, and dark molasses well.
Now, the point to focus on is that we have to use half the amount of milk, which should be warm. In this mixture, add 2 cups of milk. There is a suggestion for molasses: if you want a better taste, try to use the darkest molasses. I prefer black ones. Molasses add a very different texture and entire essence to this dessert, which is the core taste enhancer of this recipe.
Now, put the batter in the pan and let them bake for some time. Keep your eye on the oven and keep noticing the batter. When you feel that it is boiling, take it out and now take a whisk and add the remaining milk to the batter. If you think chunks or lumps of batter, then don’t worry. Just whisk it slowly and again put it in the oven. The critical part is that we have to slow the temperature to 300_320 degrees, and now the time for patience starts.
You must wait 6-7 hours until it is properly baked. The pudding is not overcooked, even if it is perfectly cooked.
The pudding will come out delicious and rich in flavor and texture. The reason behind the success of this restaurant is this Indian pudding so that you can imagine the level of its heavenly taste.
Yes, it will feel so yummy, like molten lava. This slow baking gives it a vibrant, royal, unique, and fancy taste you will try again.



A tip for this Durgin park Indian pudding recipe is that this recipe holds two crucial steps. The first is temperature, and the second is mixing milk into the boiling batter. Make sure that you.
Set the temperature right after the batter, and when you are adding milk, make sure it is hot because if you add cold milk to the hot batter, then its consistency will be destroyed. so stay conscious in this matter.
So, try out this Durgin park Indian pudding recipe at home. If you have an oven, enjoy this old, decadent traditional dessert with your loved ones and make your dinners or lunch delightful.

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