Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe

Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe are a very healthy and full of nutrition meal. It contains much protein and fewer carbs with low-fat levels.

So it’s a very friendly meal for those who are dieting and on a fitness track.
It is a very healthy option for breakfast and a very easy and quick meal. It’s very time-saving, and all ingredients can be prepared during the making process. You don’t need specific preparation before making it.



Ingredients used for Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe:

Butter 2_3 tablespoons
Fresh kale 6 leaves of big size with their stems removed
Mushrooms: 3_4 caps of mushroom can be any of your choices
Eggs 8 large at room temperature
Salt 1 teaspoon
Cheese ¼ cup
Chili flakes and paprika optional

Instruction for Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe:

Instruction for Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe:

To make this Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe easy, you need a food processor that will help you easily chop vegetables without wasting time and energy.
Because even if you are very expert and fast at cutting skills, you will get tired while chopping a bunch of vegetables in small sizes, this machine is the best option. It will help you make egg bites in no time for breakfast.
So, take a bowl and roughly cut kale into medium-sized pieces so the processor can chop them easily. Put kale in a food processor and chop them for 20 seconds. Remove them from the processor, set them aside, then chop the mushroom head similarly and put them in a bowl.
Now, take a nonstick large pan and put butter in it. Heat the butter until there are bubbles in it. Now add chopped mushrooms with half the salt in them and roast them. Saute them for 5 minutes until the water released from them becomes dry.
When the water is dry, add kale and the remaining salt. Again, roast them until they change color and become tender. As all the water from mushrooms becomes dry, they will shrink in size, so don’t worry about that. Now turn off the flame and let the vegetables cool down.
Now, we have to make an egg mixture. For that, take a beater or blender. Put the eggs in a bowl and beat them. Beat them until the foam becomes double in size.
Mix the prepared mixture of kale and mushroom with egg foam, or you can even put them individually in molds.
Now prepare the cupcake mold, which has at least 6,12 wells. Heat the butter, and you can use oil to grease the mold. With the help of a brush, grease each portion properly.
Now, put the batter in each mold and ensure you are not filling them to the end. Just fill the third and fourth parts of the mold. Because it will rise.



You can also fill molds in another way too. Refrain from mixing eggs and vegetables together. Put the first layer of vegetables, add egg, and mix them with a small spoon.
At the end, sprinkle some chili flakes and paprika on it.
Heat up the oven before putting the tray. Now, put the tray in the oven. Bake them for 20 minutes. Change the side of the trays after 10 minutes.
When they are baked properly, take them out, and you can check whether they are cooked by tapping in the middle. If it bounces back, then they are cooked.
For de-molding them. Take a greased knife and rotate around the sides of egg bites in the molds so that if they are stuck on one side, they get smoothly away from it without getting torn away.
Put them aside for some minutes, and then enjoy with ketchup or mayonnaise.

How to free Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe:

How to free Kale and mushroom egg bites recipe:

Now, here is a tip for how to store them
Here is a mistake that people usually make: Egg bites become rotten on the day they are made. They put them directly in the freezer without cooling them down at room temperature and in an air-tight bag.
So first of all, when your egg bites come out of the oven. Put them aside and let them cool down for some time. Cooling down at room temperature is necessary for egg bites as they attain normal temperature and don’t get suddenly attacked by the dry freezer air. When they are at an eatable temperature, put them in an air tight jar or box.
They are life saviors in the time of hurry. You can eat them anytime if they are stored in the fridge. You need to defrost them, and they will be ready to enjoy.

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