Cava Cucumber Mint Lime Recipe

The Cava cucumber mint lime recipe is very refreshing and soothing. It is a type of cocktail and is very light.

Cava is the base of this drink. Its other core ingredients are cucumbers, mint leaves, lemon juice, ice cubes, sugar syrup, or simple syrup.

This is the perfect drink for summer because all the ingredients included benefit health. We follow many recipes to have a brilliant taste, but very few people also focus on health and nutrition with flavor.



As drinks are an essential and focused part of hot seasons, we should make them healthy. Everyone tries to have a maximum water intake, and mostly, we switch to drinks instead of water. We end up having the bulk of carbonated drinks or beverages. This Cava cucumber mint lime recipe is a perfectly excellent and health-beneficial drink that not only satisfies your taste but also gives a lot of health benefits. Even you can skip that light beverage part to make it fully healthy. So let’s begin with instructions for ingredients we need

Ingredients used for cucumber mint lime recipe:

Ingredients used for cucumber mint lime recipe:

Large cucumbers 2 ( chopped)

Mint a half bowl of fresh mint

Fresh lemon juice 5_7 table spoons or ¼ cup

Organic sugar or sugar cane syrup ½ cup

Iodized salt: a pinch or 1/8 teaspoon

Ice cubes, a bowl full

Utensils We Need for cucumber mint lime recipe:

A high-speed blender

Measurement cups

Spoons or silicon spatula

Mesh sieve

A big bowl

Serving cups or glass

How to make cucumber mint lime recipe:

I will guide you with step-by-step recipes. There is no rocket science if you want; you can make some fluctuations, too.

The purpose of chopping them in small pieces is that they will blend very finely and evenly in the blender with other Ingredients; otherwise, cucumber leaves some chunks of it even in a high-speed blender, so don’t take this step for granted, guys.

Wash the mint and make sure its leaves are separated.

Take lemons, squeeze them properly, and extract almost 5_7 tablespoons of lemon juice wh, which we say is lime juice.

Put the chopped cucumber, separated mint leaves, simple sugar syrup or sugar, and lime juice in the blender.

Cover them with the lid turn, turn on the blender on high speed, and let them blend for almost 5 to 7 minutes.

Now, take the smoothie out of the blender, and here is a tip I will guide you with. Many people do this and then complain why our drink was not smooth and plain like a professional one.

TIPS for Cava cucumber mint lime recipe:
TIPS for Cava cucumber mint lime recipe:

So the tip here is that you have to sieve. Now, take a mesh sieve and put the whole mixture in it, and now, with the help of a spoon and spatula, mix the smoothie against the sieve so that the maximum water drains out. Do it until it becomes dry and all the water is completely drained.

If you want a cocktail version, you can add 20 percent cava to it, too. Cava is a beverage used in cocktails and is lighter than other drinks, so it is relatively healthy.

But it can be completely healthy if you skip the beverage part.

Now add chilled water to the drinks to make it diluted and neutral in taste; otherwise, it will feel very sour. Dilution makes the taste normal. Now add salt to the drink and give it a good mix. Voila!!! Your glass is ready.

Now it’s time to serve them. Fill the serving glass ¾ with ice cubes, shake the drinks well, and then put them in the mirror. The reason for putting this much ice is that this drink tastes awesome only because it is chilled.

As I said before, Cava cucumber mint lime recipe has no restrictions; if you like the sweet taste more, you can add more sugar syrup or simple sugar to the drink, or even if you want pineapples, you can add it. It will give you a very yummy taste and more health benefits.

You can make your serving look attractive by garnishing with the wheel of slice and putting some mint leaves in the glass before drinking the drink. It will stick with the ice and give a restaurant-style look.



Another benefit of the Cava cucumber mint lime recipe is that if your diet with a calorie count, then it has only 80. As the sugar content is shallow and you are using a natural source of sugar, as I told you earlier, you can use sugar cane as a sweet part. Sugar cane contains natural glucose, which has fewer calories.

Besides less calorie count, it has another charming factor, too. As cucumber is the main ingredient, it will provide an antioxidant effect and be very beneficial for cleaning your digestive system. It will not only maintain your gut but also be a reason for the glow on your skin.

So, is there any reason still left not to try this Cava cucumber mint lime recipe?

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