Simply Potatoes Hash Brown Recipes

As its name simply potatoes hash brown recipes indicates, it’s a very simple and no doubt a delicious meal. Who doesn’t love potatoes and baked dishes of potatoes?



So today, I will share the simply potatoes hash brown recipes. It has a basic recipe, but as you know, potato is a universal vegetable and adjustable with other vegetables and meat. So it’s up to you which other ingredients you want to add. I will share essential and exciting recipes, but you can add some other stuff if you want. I assure you the taste will be different even if it will be tastier. Do be confident, girls.
Let’s discuss the recipe

Ingredients used for Simply Potatoes Hash Brown Recipes:

Ingredients used for Simply Potatoes Hash Brown Recipes:

Shredded hash browns one kg or one packet
Cream of chicken soup, one can
Cheddar cheese one cup
Sour cream ¾ cup
Butter or oil ¼ cup
Onion one large chopped
Salt ½ teaspoon
Peppers ½ teaspoon

For Topping:

Corn flakes or crunchy lays one packet
Butter or oil 2_3 tablespoons

How to prepare simply potatoes hash brown recipes:

It would help to have a baking tray for simply potatoes hash brown recipes because all this will bake. So grab a good-sized baking dish and first prepare the dish for baking by drizzling some oil or butter in the tray properly.
Now take a large-sized bowl and mix the hash browns, chopped onions, cream of chicken soup, and sour cream. Now mix everything thoroughly and simultaneously add cheese too. Mix until every ingredient feels uniform with each other.
Now add the ingredients to the dish you prepared with butter earlier. Everyone obviously loves crispy tops, so you need a topping for this. The best crispy and tender topping combination is ground cornflakes enveloped with melted butter and baked on the casserole.
Now preheat the oven for ten minutes, almost at the temperature of 350F. Now place the tray in the oven and let it bake slowly until it becomes Brown golden from the top and the coating crispy. Simply Potatoes Hash Brown Recipes are straightforward and appetite-satisfying food to have.

I will share one more recipe with how you can make it with bacon. So, let’s proceed toward the following recipe.

Tips For Topping

You can add any topping you like. It is not even necessary to put topping before baking. It is done for a crispy top, but if you like, you can also eat it with mashed avocado or some bacon and cheese. Even onions also work great as a topping.

Hash Browns With Bacon Recipe:
Hash Browns With Bacon Recipe:

This one is
for you if you want a healthier recipe for simple potatoes full of proteins. So, let’s explore the recipe.


Diced chicken bacon 1 kg
Onion one large chopped
Olive oil 5_6 tablespoons
Shredded hash browns, one packet
Salt ½ teaspoon
Black pepper ½ teaspoon
Eggs 5_6




You can try this version of hash browns. Trust me, this one is the same amount of tasty, even healthier, and full of protein.
Drizzle oil or butter in the pan and let it heat. Add chopped onions and let them be soft and brown for a minute. Now add diced bacon and give it a good stir until all the water is dry. Now add hash browns and cook them for more minutes until they become crispy on one side. Now flip the hash browns and add seasoning according to the measurements given above.
Now, here you have to apply a cooking trick. If you want your meal to look more professional and easy to serve, you can add eggs without beating them. Add them like the way we fry them. You must make the same spaces between the mixture, like a honeycomb. Make a space enough for an egg and add some oil again. Now put the egg in each space, cover the top with a lid, and let it cook for 7-9 minutes straight. With steam, the upper part of the eggs will also cook properly. Ensure the stove is slow; otherwise, hash browns will burn away. Now sprinkle some coriander on the top, and it’s ready to be served. Serve this with some dip sauce or ketchup, anything you like to have. Add eggs in beaten form, which will become a mixture, and you can make sandwiches later.
An interesting fact about this recipe is that everyone of every age group loves this dish. It is easy to make and can be a primary focus dish at any birthday or treat party. Mint margarita is a must-have with this simple potato hash brown casserole. It is open to more than just these two recipes.

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