A kind of brewed cacao beverage called Crio Bru is created from ground and roasted cocoa beans. It is made with cacao rather than coffee beans and tastes similar to coffee. The flavor of Crio Bru is rich and chocolaty. Because chocolate is loved by all, demand for it is increased by its chocolatey flavor. It is regarded as a caffeine substitute for people trying to cut back on their coffee use. Similar to producing coffee, the brewing method usually involves the use of drip coffee makers or a French press. Two or three items are required. Now, let’s talk about the recipe.




We are starting with high-quality crio bru grounds. You can choose from different varieties, each offering unique flavour profiles based on the origin of cocoa beans for this recipe. We need 1 cup of ground crio bru ground cocoa beans.
Four cups of water ( use fresh, filtered water to enhance the purity of the brew. Optional:Sweeteners( honey, sugar, or a sugar substitute)and milk or cream to taste.

For Garnishing:

Whipped cream: It adds a luxurious touch and a creamy element to your crio bru.
Chocolate shavings: To add even more chocolate flavor to your crio bru and grate some dark chocolate on top.

Mint leaves:

A crisp contrast to the rich chocolate flavor can be achieved using fresh mint leaves.

Sea salt:

The sweetness of the crio bru can be enhanced with a tiny teaspoon of sea salt.

Coconut flakes:

Toasted coconut flakes give your crio bru a delightful texture and a tropical flavor.
Never forget that garnishing is a matter of taste, so feel free to combine many suggestions or add your own original touches. It’s a wonderful way to treasure the moment you spend sipping your own crio bru.


French press or coffee maker:

These are ideal for brewing crio bru, as they allow for easy extraction of flavours.


For heating water to just below boiling. Or you can heat the water on the stove instead.


Your favourite mug to enjoy the final creation.


Measure crio bru grounds:

Measure out one cup of crio bru beans to get started. Your beans’ quality will have a big influence on the flavor. Find a large egg that suits your personal preferences.

Add cocoa beans:

After the water boils, we will reduce the heat and add the measures crio bru ground cocoa beans to hot water. Allow the mixture to warm for 10-15 minutes.

Strain the brew:



After simmering, strain the crio bru mixture to remove the ground cocoa beans. You can use a fine strainer for this step. This will leave you with a smooth liquid free from any particles.

Sweeten and customise:

Sweeten and customise:

At this point, taste the crio bru and add sweetener to your liking. For a creamier texture, cream can also be used.

Serve and enjoy:

Pour your freshly brewed crio bru into your mug and savour the rich chocolate. It can be appreciated hot or cold, depending on your preference.

Coffee blend:

If you enjoy the flavor of coffee but want to reduce your caffeine intake, you might want to consider blending crio bru with decaffeinated coffee. These choices can impart unique sweetness and depth to your crio bru while catering to different dietary preferences.


Transform your crio bru into a dessert-like treat by adding whipped cream, a sprinkle of cocoa powder, or even a few chocolate shavings. This touch can make it a satisfying after-dinner beverage.



Cold brew version:
Cold brew version:

Let the brewed concoction cool, then store in the refrigerator and serve with ice. Particularly on warmer days, cold brewing can bring out distinct flavour notes and offer a refreshing variation. You may customise your crio bru experience with these inventive additions and changes, making it a dynamic and adaptable drink that fits your events and taste preferences.


Crio Bru offers several potential benefits. Beyond its amazing taste, Crio bru provides potential health benefits associated with cacao consumption.


You can make a delicious cup of crio bru at home in a few easy steps. Among drinks, Crio Bru is a particularly opulent and fulfilling option. For individuals who are experimenting with different drinks, this caffeine-free substitute offers a tasty and distinctive experience. Try varying the amounts of sweets and milk to determine the ideal blend that appeals to your palate. Savour the richness of crio bru at any time of day as a reassuring and filling beverage.

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