So today, we are here with a new and very genuine topic. This is the modern era, and almost all of us use maximum machines in our house as it aids people in making the task easier and faster.
Today, we will talk about the
Nespresso machine, which makes coffee. We will discuss
its working issues today. I’m here with complete guidance. We will talk about why it happens and how we can switch the settings, so let’s start with why it happens.


Now, the first thing we must confirm is whether your machine is original because most of the time, people use their copies and need a different method.
If you are sure about it, then there are some common and primary causes of this issue.
It can be due Variation in cup size settings Not enough water in the tank
You might have pushed the brew button two times ( it will cause the changes in settings)
Your machine needs descaling.




As I told you earlier, this can be due to pushing a button by mistake 2_3 times and will cause some changes.
One thing that I want to highlight is that Nespresso has a lot of versions, and the settings I am going to share will apply to some of them; I will mention them later.
So, if your machine is original, then all the versions of NESPRESSO will have two standard buttons. The second is the espresso ( small cup measurement) button and the Lungo ( large cup measurement) button. If your machine works on a normal mode or original settings, it will dispense two sizes of coffee ( 40ml and 110ml, Respectively).
If you’re noticing that your coffee measurements are different, then it is evident that settings have changed. Your machine should be turned off.

I suggest going through your machine manual first. As I mentioned above, there are many versions, and all are different, so that the settings may be different.
Now you have to press a large cup button (Lungo) for some seconds.
While holding the button, turn on the machine and keep pressing the button for some seconds, like 2_3.
This step will reset your cup size to the original or factory size.

You can also set your machines to some specific settings.
Take a pod; you can even use a used one, too.

Could you insert it into the machine?

Press the brew button and complete the cup
Keep the button pressed till the point you want water to reach. Now stop pushing by doing this; your coffee machine will be set at that specific point to make the coffee to this level only. Your device will brew that amount of water for the next time for that particular capsule.



This is the common cause of the issues we face with Nespresso machines. Coffee is made with water or milk ( both can be used anytime.
If sufficient water is not present, the machine brews only limited water. Suppose this stage arrives when the tank is empty, which can lead to air bubbles trapped in the machine tubes. These bubbles can cause complete disfunctioning of the machine or can also cause less coffee.


This is the most extreme case when your machine gets polluted with the extracts and deposition of minerals in the machine tube. It can be due to the prolonged use of the device, and you still need to do its descaling.
So now I will guide you on how to describe your machine
Firstly, make sure there is no capsule inside the machine.
Now put water in the tank and add the solution for its descaling.
Now it’s time to enter descaling mode. Again, I suggest checking your manual for more guidance if there are variations. Now press both buttons for almost 3 to 4 seconds, and you will see the switch blinking. This is the sign of the descaling mode.
Now take a bowl and put it under the outlet. Now press the Lungo button, and all the solutions will come in the bowl. Now, let the machine rest for 10/20 minutes.
Again, put that solution in the water tank and repeat the same procedure.
Now, it’s time to rinse the tank with fresh water so no chemical remains. Please fill the water tank with water and again dispense the water by pressing that button.
Now it’s time to exit this mode as we have done our work, so we Will do the same as we did to enter this mode. We will press the Lungo and espresso buttons together for three seconds; then, the buttons will not blink. This is the sign that the machine has exited that mode.
If you want, you can give your machine a final wash by putting water in the tank and start brewing without a capsule. Then, press the large cup button and dispense all that out so no grain or drop of any chemical is left.

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