Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe

Curd is a part of the food chain, which is very beneficial for health and we will explore how we can make Mary berry lemon curd recipe.

What is Mary berry lemon curd?

This is a bright yellow curd-type textured paste made with some primary ingredients with a citrus taste and sweet essence. Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe is relatively straightforward, but you must be vigilant enough while making it. All you need to do is ensure you have all the main ingredients, such as eggs, caster sugar, unsalted butter, and lemons. Make sure you are using UN waxed lemons because it will help to avoid bitter and extra citrus flavor to your Mary berry lemon curd recipe.
Casually, recipes don’t have compulsion on spoons and spatula, but using a wooden spoon in the Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe is essential. It is important to use a wooden spoon because we have to ensure that the batter is not overcooked or is at the perfect stage. The stage when the curd is ready to remove from the flame is when it starts sticking to the wooden spoon. When it happens, you have to suddenly turn off the stove and let it cool down while it gets thicker.
So these were the essential guides and introduction to the Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe. The complete guide is mentioned below.


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Ingredients used for Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe:

Eggs 4 at room temperature
Lemons 4: Make sure they are not waxed, and you use juice only.
Sugar caster sugar 10_12 tablespoons or 250 grams
Butter is 100 grams and should be divided into pieces.

How to bake Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe:


How to bake Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe

I always love this Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe as it includes ubiquitous household ingredients in a very average amount that you can easily add up and make in no time in the morning.
So, let’s start with how to make this incredible and unique curd from scratch.

Step 1 :

Take a saucepan or any utensil you are comfortable with to cook. Put eggs in it and make sure they are okay at room temperature. I’m interested in the temperature of products while baking and cooking because I believe. Even I have experienced, too, that when you mix ingredients at different temperatures and then let them heat together, your recipe will not be much richer in taste because every Ingredient will take extra time to come at a uniform temperature. It will disturb the level of cooking, so I always prefer to use Ingredients at room temperature.

Step 2 :

Put them in a pan, whisk them properly, and add sugar, lemon, and butter. It is compulsory to cut the butter into pieces because we are adding them at room temperature, and if they are in small sizes, they will melt quickly without boiling. It will take ten minutes to be prepared.



Step 3:

By stirring, the curd will become smooth without any Lumps, and the sugar butter will be mixed properly.
Make sure you are stirring continuously, and also check the sides of the pan so that the curd doesn’t stick at the base, too.

Step 4:

When you feel it’s getting thick, slow down the flame and keep stirring again. The method to check whether it is done is to check your wooden spoon if the curd is sticking it. The scoop should become coated with it. When you notice this stage has arrived, please turn off the flame and let it cool down on the side. And it will also get thicker during the cooling process, as it’s a common phenomenon.
When your curd calms down, serve it and enjoy it in your breakfast with a meal or bread, and you will surely love it.

Tips for tasty Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe:

Tips for tasty Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe:

For storage of this curd, make sure you are using air-tight containers. Most people complain that we use air-tight boxes, but our curd expires within days. Then, the issue is that you need to sterilize your jars or containers. I always prefer using glass jars or boxes as they can be fixed easily.

How to sterilize jars?

Please put them in boiling water. It will kill a maximum of bacteria and fungi. Then, give them steam or bake them for 10 minutes so that they will be appropriately sterilized.
Now, you can store your curd in it for three weeks, and by the way, this is yummy enough that if it gets finished in one use, it is justified. You can use this card for breakfast and your lemon honey cake as a frosting filling. Honey lemon cakes are on the top list of most liked cakes, and this card will give a very citrus and sweet taste in a balanced amount.

Versatile uses:

The Mary Berry Lemon Curd is used in many ways. it is usable for toast, filling of cakes and think about it as for a lemon honey cake, to increase citrus and sweetness.

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merry berry lemon curd



The Mary Berry Lemon Curd Recipe added a delightful taste to the breakfast or dessert menu. By the use of common ingredients in your dish, this recipe becomes easy and suitable for all. During the cooking process, preferably using ingredients, ensures the curd attains the ideal consistency without risking overcooking. By following the provided steps you’ll produce a vibrant yellow, citrus-infused curd which not only gives a delicious taste but also boasts swiftness in its culinary uses. Put it into the Preserve sterilized jars to enjoy this delightful taste for up to three weeks.
Mary Berry Lemon Curd promises to bring a tasty flavor to your cooking whether you use it for filling or spread on the bread.


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