Blue Runner Red Beans Recipe

Blue Runner Red Beans recipe is one of the favorites because most people love red beans a lot and always prefer quick cooking during busy routines.



Red beans are the best source of plant protein and a natural resource for iron and potassium. Red beans have a lot of benefits for those people who have iron or potassium deficiency, so avoid taking supplements of iron or potassium; you should always prefer and take their natural substitute as they are not harmful. Instead, they fulfill other lackings, too, as these red kidney beans are not only a source of iron, but they are also a great way to have a dose of potassium, sodium, and protein.
Red beans not only help in giving a substitute for vitamins, but they are also suitable for your blood circulation system. Now the question is how? Red beans also contain fiber, which helps to dissolve the cholesterol level in vessels, and when cholesterol dissolves, the ship will be dilated, and blood circulation will be improved. They also help in maintaining blood pressure.
Most nutritionists recommend their patients add beans to their diet daily by having them in a salad or by taking them as a good properly because they help in improving the overall health of a human being. It is also involved in the function of maintaining bowel movement. As they contain fiber, fiber helps in curing constipation and helps in regulating regular stool.
So red beans are quite good to your health, and you should incorporate them into your diet. Most people have them in salads, but casually, we get bored of having the same ingredient daily in the same way. So, I am here to guide you with a different method of how you can cook a proper meal of red beans.

Blue Runner Red Beans recipe:

Blue Runner Red Beans recipe:

Red beans are casually time-consuming to cook, and if you want to have them as a sudden craving, then it is not possible as soon. So here is an excellent solution to this recipe, which I personally recommend: blue runner red beans recipe. They are canned beans, which are comparatively easier to cook as they are already preserved and have some spices and seasonings in them. They are so good, and they taste very delightful with rice.
Blue runner red bean cans are a perfect match to have with rice, and they take very little time to prepare. So, let’s start the recipe.

Ingredients used in Blue Runner Red Beans Recipe:

Blue runner red beans 2 cans
Bacon ½ diced
Ham 1 Lb diced
Onion 1 ( should be chopped)
Green bell peppers 4_5
Celery ½ cup
Garlic cloves 2
Creole seasoning 2 tablespoon
Oregano some sprinkles
Red chili flakes ½ tablespoon
Salt ½ tablespoon
Olive oil 2 tablespoon
Chicken stock 2.5 cups
Green onions chopped
Rice 1 cup ( either cooked or you can cook )

How to prepare Blue Runner Red Beans Recipe:

How to prepare Blue Runner Red Beans Recipe:

It would help if you had chopped ham and bacon to make these beans. Here is a tip to make your bacon and ham more deep in flavor. Either you can marinate them with creole seasoning, or you can add one tablespoon of it during roasting. It will help to enhance the taste.
After almost ten minutes, when the bacon and ham are correctly roasted, add the vegetables. Make sure your vegetables are chopped. Add onions and bell peppers. Add chopped garlic cloves and celery and cook them for 10 more minutes.
Now you have to add chicken stock. Chicken stock is my favorite ingredient in Blue Runner Red Beans Recipe. It gives an excellent taste to the recipe as beans need a water environment to be cooked properly. Then, add spices simultaneously.
Now, when the stock starts boiling, add the cans of Blue Runner red beans recipe and remix them. Beans will add a delightful taste, and they take very little time to cook, so it’s an easy and tasty food to pick as a dish on a picnic.



Isn’t it beneficial to use blue runner red bean cans? If you use them raw, then they will need 5_6 hours to be soaked and then 2 hours to cook, but if you use blue runner red beans recipe, then all you need to do is heat them and cook them in the stock with seasoning.
Now, while they are boiling, you can cook rice. Just boil them with some oil and salt and sieve them.
Serve red beans with this rice, and you can also add salad to make it more delightful.

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