Mary berry coconut cake recipe

As its name indicates, Mary berry coconut cake recipe has some history, and that’s true.

Marry Barry coconut cake is famous because of the baker who introduced this yummiest recipe to the world. Marry Barry was a famous chef in a small town, and she was famous because of her simple and easy dessert recipes. This marry Barry coconut cake is famous for its delight and simple taste, which makes an event more good.



Ingredient used for Mary berry coconut cake recipe:

Eggs 4 large at room temperature
Butter 5_6 tablespoons or 90oz
Caster sugar 220 gm or 1 large cup
Self-rising flour 230 gm
Baking powder 2 teaspoon
Coconut milk 4 tablespoon
Desiccated coconut 175 gm
Oil 2_3 tablespoons
Buttercream is required for Frosting
Blueberries 250gm

merry berry coconut cake

How to prepare Mary berry coconut cake recipe:

How to prepare Mary berry coconut cake recipe:

I love cakes so much that this cake recipe is quite special to me. Once upon a time, I was over chocolate and vanilla desserts.
So, let’s start the Mary berry coconut cake recipe
Place the self-rising flour and baking powder in a colander or sieve. This process is done so that it will make a smooth lump, less cake batter, and will rise evenly in the oven. Now add softened butter to flour, and it should be soft, not melted.
Add the butter to dry ingredients, but you have to add it in small slices and soft form. Now mix the butter in dry ingredients with your hand and try to rub the butter with flour so that it will come in a crumb state.
Now, keep this mixture on the side and beat the eggs at high speed. While baking, I always prefer to use Ingredients at room temperature as it leads to more smooth baking. Now add the sugar to the eggs and keep beating them at high speed. Add the coconut milk and oil in it at the same time. Beat the eggs until the mixture becomes smooth and the sugar is properly mixed.
Now add dry ingredients with butter to the egg’s saliva, and now you don’t have to use an electric beater. Add the flour in eggs gradually in batches and mix them with the cut and fold method.
I always recommend the fold method in mixing dry and wet ingredients, as over-mixing the batter can lead to hard and domed cakes that are not spongy and soft. During this, add the coconut in it and save some for Frosting, too.
Before mixing wet and dry ingredients, put your oven on preheat for 10 minutes. During these ten minutes, you will do the remaining work.
Now prepare the baking pan, grease it with butter, and apply parchment paper for smooth de-molding.
Now, pour the batter in it and tap it against the shelf to avoid air bubbles.
Put the pan in the oven and let it bake for 30_35 minutes. When your needle comes out clean after poking the cake, then it means it’s ready to take out. Let it cool down on the rack, and prepare the Frosting.
For Frosting, you need unsalted butter with icing sugar. Beat the butter at high speed and add icing sugar to it. To give it a more delightful taste, you can add coconut milk or coconut extract. It will make a perfect frosting.
When the cake is cooled down properly, then cut it into three slices if you want a layered cake. Otherwise, you can only decorate the top and can enjoy this simple cake with tea.
Slice the cake into three even layers and soak them with coconut milk syrup, which is made by mixing one ratio of coconut milk and one part of sugar syrup.
The soaking will make the taste double as delightful. Now apply a generous amount of cream on the top of each layer and then cover the sides with buttercream, too. It will give a perfect finish to the cake, and you can use a Pallet knife for Frosting.
Let the cake chill in the freezer for 40 minutes, and it will taste super delicious on the first bite.

merry berry coconut cake


You can serve Marry Barry coconut cake with tea or hot chocolate.
It can be served with blueberries and honey.
If the cake has buttercream layers in it, then nothing else is needed to make it yummy.

Tips for Mary berry coconut cake recipe:
Tips for Mary berry coconut cake recipe:

Make sure the butter is soft and at room temperature.
Coconut should be added in the end.
You can use simple milk, too, but coconut milk gives it a more enhanced taste.

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