Dinty moore beef stew recipe ideas

Today, we will tell you guys the most demanded and tasty recipe of this era, and the best part about the Dinty Moore beef stew recipe is that it is not only healthy but also straightforward to make and full of nutrition.
Beef stew is the most wanted dish by everyone, and our taste buds crave its juicy beef and soft vegetables dipped in yummy gravy.



What’s different and exciting in today’s recipe is that we will reveal a shortcut to make this yummy Dinty Moore beef stew recipe in no time. Casually, the Dinty Moore beef stew recipe takes a lot of time to boil in the stock because vegetables and beef both take time to get cooked properly, but today we will tell you a shortby cut by which you can make very quickly and in a short time and can serve your guest with this yummy food.
So, let’s start the recipe with the ingredients.

Ingredients used for Dinty Moore beef stew recipe:

Ingredients used for Dinty Moore beef stew recipe:

All we need is that
Almost 2 kg or a pound of beef ( according to your need )
Vegetables which are
Potatoes almost 3 of medium size
Carrots 2 large
Capsicum 1 medium size ( optional, but it gives a very tender taste)
Onion 1 large size which is chopped properly
Garlic 3 cloves ( minced)
Butter 3_4 tablespoons or canola oil in the same quantity
Bay leaves 3_4
Worcestershire sauce 1.5 tablespoons or two, according to your taste
Vinegar 1 teaspoon
Salt and spices according to your liking and demand
Corn starch or flour two tablespoons to make the gravy thick

How to made Dinty Moore beef stew recipe:

Here’s a quick recipe for making beef stew,
First, add beef chunks in a pressure cooker, pour 4_5 cups of water and potato carrot with some salt pinch, and put it on the stove.
After a while, When you open the lid, you feel that the beef is soft and juicy now and almost cooked, and the vegetables are also soft and half-boiled. Now, here, half of the work is done. Beef and vegetables take more than an hour to cook in everyday recipes. Now, half of the work is done by a pressure cooker and separate the beef, vegetables, and beef broth.
Now take a pan, put the butter in it, and make sure the fire is medium, not chopped onion and garlic, and roast for some seconds; now put beef in it and make it brown.
Once you see that the beef is brown, add 2_3 cups of broth, add the sauce with those bay leaves, and let it boil for some time.
Now add salt and spices according to your needs. I prefer 2/3 spoonfuls of salt with one tablespoon of black pepper in the Dinty Moore beef stew recipe.
They add vegetables to it. We didn’t add vegetables earlier because they were already almost boiled. Bring them all to a boil and cool for 20-30 minutes.
Notice that the broth is now 1.5 cups remaining, add the slurry of corn starch, made by putting corn flour in water. Now, the trick here is that you have to put the slurry in batches and you have to stir the spoon simultaneously.
While dripping down the slurry, ensure you are vigilant enough to notice at what stage you must stop.
When you feel that the gravy is thick, turn off the stove, and it will come to its perfect form when it cools down, as the sauce also thickens during the cooling process.
Your yummy, juicy, and most demanding quick beef stew is ready.

Extra Servings With Beef Stew

Extra Servings With Beef Stew

You can serve this yummy food with other food items to make it more awesome.
You can serve it with
Garlic bread can be prepared at home by roasting the pieces of thick bread with butter and paste of garlic followed by some spices, or you can bake it too.
Rice is also a great option to give this food a complete look
You can also make some salad and can also boil some vegetables to eat with. It provides a perfect combo
You won’t believe but trust me; biscuits are an ideal match with beef stew gr



Tips for Dinty Moore beef stew recipe:

As this is a quick recipe, make sure that when you put beef and vegetables in a pressure cooker, you don’t overcook them because if they become very soft at that stage, they will dissolve during the cooking process. So, this is a significant tip here.

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