Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe ideas

The hot Breakfast Sausage recipe is one of the yummy recipes and Everyone is fond of it because this recipe has diverse ways to be made, and that’s why no one gets bored of it. The unique point is there are a maximum number of recipes to make it.
You can set the level of spices and salt according to you, and it will reveal two different styles to make a Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe. Sausages taste fantastic in every way.
Let’s start with recipe number one.



Ingredients used for Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe:

Pork( with fat in it) 2kg or 2 pound( grounded)
Dry sage 1 ½ tablespoons ( crushed or rubbed with the palm of hands)
Garlic powder ½ teaspoon
Onion powder 1/3 teaspoon
Salt 1.5 teaspoons or according to your taste
The black pepper one teaspoon
Red chili flakes, one teaspoon
Cooking oil 2_3 tablespoons Egg one large

The recipe used for the Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe:

Take a large bowl and then put pork and all its ingredients according to the measurements.
Take a spatula to mix, or you can mix it by hand and ensure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
When you are done mixing, make round-shaped, medium-sized kebabs or patties.
They put them in a tray and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Now beat the egg; if you like it, add pepper to it, too. Now dip each patty in the egg and fry them at medium flame.
Fry each side for 2 minutes, and when they are dark brown, then shift them to a plate and serve breakfast with sauces.

Recipe No. 2 ( for Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe)
Sausage Egg Sandwich

Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe is inspiring because this is a different and more yummy way to make sausage breakfast. Everyone loves sandwiches, and because eggs are included in them, it can be called a healthy meal, too. Many kids don’t like to eat eggs for breakfast, but because it is mixed with sausage, it will become yummy enough that they will not deny it, so it is also a friendly food for moms. So without wasting time let me tell you the few ingredients which are required in it.

Ingredients( for Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe):

Sausages 3_4
Eggs 2 large
Chili flakes ¼ teaspoon
Oregano for taste
Salt 2/4 teaspoon
Butter 4_5 tablespoons
Breads 6_8 pieces




First, we must cut sausages in round shapes, not too thick or thin. The cutting should be medium size.
Next, we must break those eggs into a small bowl and beat them for a while. Then turn on the flame, put butter in it, and ensure it is not too high.
Then, put Sausages in it and roast them for a minute. Turn the flame slightly, then put the spices on it mentioned above and cook for 2_3 minutes. Now, shift the egg-stuffed sausages to a plate, and it’s time to work with pieces of bread to make sandwiches.
Now, toast your break-in bread on a toaster or a pan, and then take two slices and apply mayonnaise on one size or any dipping sauce of your choice. Then, put a spoon full of sausages and eggs and apply a layer of any vegetable you like. Now spread tomato sauce on the second bread and put it on top. Tada!!! Your yummy, healthy, tender sausage egg sandwich is ready to eat. Serve it with tea or anything you like. If you love the taste of garlic, garlic toasts or pieces of bread are a good option. You can easily make it and enjoy your sausages.

Side Hot Breakfast Sausage recipe:

You can make Sausages pasta
Sausage burger
Egg-filled sausage ( in the center)
You can make gravy sausages with boiled vegetables.
You can also make hot dogs. It’s a very demanding and easy recipe to make
Fried sausages with dip sauce
You can enjoy them with garlic bread, too
An essential tip for making sausage breakfast or recipes is that you can make them in any style, but the point to focus on is to make sure you are not working with very high flame. Trust the process and work with medium flame. Slow cooking enhances the food’s taste and makes the essence of spices more prominent. So whenever you make sausage, use the right herbs and cook them on medium flame. I suggest taking vegetables as a side food with links because I love to have it with them.
Sausages are children’s favorite meal so you can have them at lunch.

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