Gilbert Sausage Recipes

Today’s Gilbert sausage recipes are very different, quick to make, and tasty. We gave ideas how you can make different tastes by using Gilbert sausages recipes .

Gilbert sausages come in ten different flavours. This is a very remarkable fact about this packing. So, let’s start the recipe.



Ingredients used for Gilbert sausage recipes:

  • Gilbert sausages are packed with sweet pepper and onion flavour
  • Buns 4_5
  • Bell peppers 2 ( green)
  • Bell peppers 2(red)
  • Onion 1 large or two small
  • Potatoes round about 1 kg ( make sure they are of small Size)
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper ½ teaspoon
  • Red chilli flakes add some amount according to your need
  • Olive oil to give a touch of oil for baking

How to make Gilbert sausage recipes:

How to make Gilbert sausage recipes:

Open the pack of Gilbert sausages and take all of them out. The awe-inspiring and unique thing you will notice is that every link is packed individually, so you can open only the amount you need without wasting others.

When sausages are not filled in air-tight bags, then they can become dry.

You have to cut chicken sausages into tiny pieces to get mixed with vegetables. Now you have to cut peppers and other vegetables. First, pick the peppers.

Ensure you cut them in long strips as they look presentable in servings and can be added in a bun easily with sausages.

Cut the red bell pepper into the same size and set them aside.

Now take the onion and also cut onion in the form of slices but not circular pieces. Cut the onion in half from the middle and then slice it out.  Now, take potatoes and cut them into two parts.

Now take a big tray which you can use in baking too.

Now, put all the ingredients in the tray. The first layer should be sausages.

Now put bell peppers and potatoes on it and spread them equally with your hand. Now apply the last layer of onions on the top and drizzle some olive oil to help smooth the baking of everything. You don’t need to put a lot of oil as the main ingredient sausages are already cooked.

In the end, sprinkle some salt on the top and black pepper of the amount mentioned on the top, then add chilli flakes on the top.

Don’t hesitate to use any seasoning. You can add any seasoning that you love.

Wrap the tray with foil and let it bake for an hour at 400F. Please take out the dish after one without worrying whether the sausages are ready because they are already cooked. The purpose of baking is that we want our vegetables to get tender and soft, to pick the taste of seasoning so that we can enjoy them with a better taste.

This tray will give you almost 4_5 person servings, plus this is a very healthy low-calorie food. So it’s the best choice for those on the way to fitness.

You can eat this with some garlic bread, and you can also make a sandwich, or you can grill that sandwich or burger, too.

You can only eat Gilbert sausage recipes. Also, it gives you the energy of a whole meal and is full of health benefits.

Other Ideas To Make Gilbert Sausage Recipes:

Other Ideas To Make Gilbert Sausage Recipes:

Another best recipe you can enjoy with these sausages is you can eat them with rice and can enjoy some sauce with it too. You can make a sauce or gravy of your choice to have. If you are a spice lover, make a spicy tomato sauce or prepare a garlic mint mayo drip with sausages.

I can guide you with the flavours of sausages, too. Here, I’m mentioning the names of flavours, and I will also point out the best ones, but you can select any of your choices and then try this recipe to enjoy with your family.

Gilbert sausages come in ten flavours, which are Caprese chicken sausage( with mozzarella, basils and sun-dried tomatoes)

Aloha chicken sausage (with pineapple and ginger)

Bourbon chicken apple sausage

Chicken bratwurst sausage

Farmhouse cheddar ( with sauteed onions and cheddar cheese)

Andouille chicken sausage

Smoked Gouda chicken sausage

Sweet pepper and onion chicken sausage

Tuscan recipe chicken sausage ( with parmesan cheese and oregano)

Ancho Queso chicken sausage ( with ancho and poblano chillies and chihuahua-style cheese

So here are those flavours, and I like smoked Gouda and sweet pepper and onion sausage, Caprese chicken sausage.



I have mentioned the details, too, so you can quickly identify which taste you will like the most.

Now try Gilbert sausage recipes and enjoy.

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