Fresno Pepper Recipes

Fresno Pepper recipes are more spicy and a favourite for spice lovers. Fresno peppers are red-coloured and larger than casual peppers, and they have similarities with jalapenos.
Let’s have an introduction to these peppers. Fresno peppers are species of capsicum annum. They resemble jalapenos but differ in spice level and thickness of a wall. You can make cheesy and baked stuff with these peppers. So, I will share the recipes of stuffed Fresno peppers and some other Fresno recipes.
I am not a spice lover, but I like Fresno stuffed chillies, as when they mix up with chicken and cheese, they taste Incredible. So, let’s start with the Fresno pepper recipes.



Ingredients used for Fresno pepper recipes:

Chicken half-pound shredded or grounded.
Fresno peppers 10_12 large
Mozzarella cheese 1 cup grated
Salt ½ teaspoon for all recipes
Pepper ½ teaspoon
Any dried fruit 1 cup
Vinegar 1 tablespoon
Garlic powder ½ teaspoon
Onion powder ½ teaspoon

How to bake Fresno pepper recipes:

How to bake Fresno pepper recipes:

For making Fresno pepper recipes, the following steps are;

Step 1:

You first need to prepare the peppers. There are different ways of making stuffed Fresno peppers. Most people love to cut them in half and cook them with seeds inside to give a better taste. I wouldn’t say I like seeds, so I use a different method.

Step 2:

I cut the peppers from the top and removed all the seeds with a spoon or knife. Ensure you don’t rupture or tear your pepper while removing the seeds.

Step 3:

If you are not into spices but still want to enjoy these Fresno stuffed peppers with less sauce, you can add another step to make this spice level less. Put pepper in a bowl, then add vinegar and water to let it be half of the bowl. Then, let them sit aside for 15 minutes. Vinegar will help to cut the spice level, and water will help to stop vinegar from changing the taste of the jalapeno. All that vinegar can do is lessen the spice level in Fresno pepper recipes.

Step 4:

Then, grind the chicken in the machine or shred it after boiling it. It’s all your choice, but I prefer to ground the chicken as it is easy to use as filling.

Step 5:

Now, take dried fruit, which can be any of your choice. For example, it can be any fruit or something else you like. Soak them with vinegar, take them out, and make sure they are small in cuttings.
Now grate the cheese and ensure that everything is small to fill in the peppers quickly.
Mix the chicken, cheese and dried fruits, then add the spices with garlic and onion powder.
Remove the peppers from the vinegar water, dry them, and then fill them with the filling.
Now you can make them fried or air-fried. If you prefer to fry, coat them with flour paste and bread crumbs. It will give a more crispy and cheesy taste. If you air fry them, sprinkle some oil and wait until they are ready to enjoy.
They are very yummy and cheesy in taste, and chicken makes a perfect match with these hot Fresno pepper recipes. So, this is an approved recipe to try.
There is not only an option that you can only make these stuffed peppers. You can make some other recipes too.

Fresno Pepper recipe (Salsa)

Fresno pepper salsa is very spicy and sour, and it’s super easy to make. It is a straightforward process that you only need to roast and blend ingredients, so let’s explore the elements.

Ingredients Fresno Pepper recipes (Salsa):
Ingredients Fresno Pepper recipes (Salsa):

Tomatillos 3 cup
Olive oil four tablespoon
Fresno pepper 2
Onions 1
Garlic cloves 4
Salt ½ teaspoon

How to bake Fresno Pepper recipes (Salsa):

Fresno pepper recipe salsa is simple and quick to cook. You have to remove all the seeds from the pepper, prepare the baking tray by oiling it properly, and put pepper, onions, garlic, and tomatillos in the tray after cutting them.



Cut the onions into slices and tomatillos into pieces.
Let them bake until they become baked and black on some points. Then, take the tray out of the oven and Don’t rush in blending them. Wait until they cool down because the cooking continues until they are hot.
Now put all the vegetables in the blender and blend them on medium speed for two minutes. You will have a chunk-type texture in two minutes, and you can incorporate it for longer if you want a smooth salsa.
Add salt according to the demand, and your tasty salsa is ready.
Enjoy them with garlic bread or anything you like.

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